MFierce Coalition Presents on Youth Engagement at APHA

On October 30th, 2016, Jimena Loveluck, MSW, represented Michigan Forward for Enhancing Research and Community Equity (MFierce) at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.


Loveluck is the Vice President of Community Research and Innovation at Unified HIV Health and Beyond and is a Steering Committee Member of the MFierce Coalition. MFierce develops and implements programs to reduce the burden of STIs on LGBTQ+ communities. They utilize a collaborative, participatory process that engage a 6-member Youth Advisory Board, made up of LGBTQ+ youth from Southeast Michigan. The Youth Advisory Board is an integral entity in developing and implementing their current program, Health Access Initiative (HAI). The HAI offers training and technical assistance to local health centers to improve the services, programs, and policies that impact the care of young gay and bi men and trans and gender nonconforming youth.


To learn more about strategies to recruit, retain, communicate with, and support Youth Advisors in community-engaged research and programs, click the link below to see their poster.








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