Tori We’ve seen political support from rap and hip-hop artists who don’t necessarily claim an LGBTQ+ identity, as well. Rasheeda participated in the NOH8 photo campaign. Snoop Dogg/Lion, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Queen Latifah have all spoken out in support of gay rights. Decades ago, Salt-n-Pepa helped dispel myths around HIV and AIDS in some... Continue Reading →


Queer Boys & Girls in Hip-Hop is a Revolutionary Act Part 1

Tori A. People who are unfamiliar with rap and hip-hop, or who hold biased views about what messages the industry supports, consider the genre to be one filled with horror and hatred. While there are some songs with oppressive language, and diss tracks that most literally start wars, these are by no means the extent... Continue Reading →

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