Reflecting on “MSM” and Identity at the MFierce Kickoff Event

Emily Pingel: The coffee was steaming.  The nametags were displayed and ready to be freshly pinned. And the University of Michigan Detroit Center had truly rolled out the red carpet with a beautiful photo tribute to Nelson Mandela lining the entryway.  It was October 10th and we were officially kicking off MFierce!  For those not... Continue Reading →


Queer Disability: Meeting health needs beyond biases, assumptions, & compulsory identities

Tori I have bad luck in healthcare settings. If there’s a health practitioner with misinformed or oddly prejudicial ideas about any identity or behavior, I’ll probably find them. On one night in particular, a friend had to take me into the emergency room after a mental health-related episode. Typically, this friend and I are read... Continue Reading →

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