Seven hours is not going to cut it: sexual identity education in psych residencies

Peter Young and idealistic, I took on an internship in a psychiatric hospital expecting the world of mental health to be the most sensitive, open-minded, and forward-thinking branch of medicine. I was rudely awakened when the doctor I worked for told me of a resident who greatly deviated from my ideal. The young resident was... Continue Reading →


Legalizing Hope: LGBTQ Aspirations, Mental Health, and Social Policy

Stephen Growing up we’re told to dream big-- to envision our ideal future selves so that one day we can turn those reveries into reality. Such forward thinking cultivates hope and helps propel us through life’s darkest chapters, and yet actualizing certain dreams can be harder for some than for others. What happens to people... Continue Reading →

Social Support Utilization Among Michigan LGB Women

Jorge Social support and social networks are particularly important for lesbian/gay and bisexual (LGB) women in light of the disproportionate rates of depression and anxiety affecting these populations.  The disparate prevalence of these psychological outcomes, including internalized homophobia, has been linked to sexual minority stress models. These models have emerged as a means of exploring... Continue Reading →

Hegemonic Masculinity & Well-being of Sexual Minority Men

Laura At this year’s American Public Health Association conference, I presented our findings on Hegemonic Masculinity and the Psychological Well-being of Young Sexual Minority Men. We know that primary caregivers play a foundational role in shaping a child’s gender identity. Caregivers rarely sit idly by if or when their children, especially sons, exhibit gender non-conforming... Continue Reading →

April Speaker Series: Sexual Minority Populations

Laura JC April brings the conclusion of our speaker series, Sexuality & Health Disparities: A Focus on Sexual Minority Populations. We have three great speakers planned for this month: Friday, April 5th at 1pm: Dr. Susan Cochran, Professor of Statistics and Epidemiology at the Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA: A population health perspective on sexual... Continue Reading →

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