Daniela. As I’ve started to participate in sexual health research, I’ve come to learn about aspects of human sexuality that lend themselves to new and exciting possibilities for the prevention of HIV/STIs. Currently, I am working with a group of scientists that are part of the Microbicides Trial Network.  Microbicides are compounds that can be... Continue Reading →



Daniela Lopez joined us in April 2015 as a Project Manager for the Microbicide Trials Network studies (MTN 026 & MTN 027) that the SexLab is currently working on. Daniela has several years of experience working in health-related research, previously working at the UM School of Public Health and in the UMHS Department of Psychiatry.... Continue Reading →

YMSM’s ability to access PrEP? It’s an issue

Alanna Young men who have sex with men (YMSM) don’t know how to access and afford the cost of PrEP. These findings, discussed in, “Concerns regarding PrEP Accessibility and Affordability Among YMSM in the U.S.”, were presented at the American Public Health Association’s annual conference in 2013 by Jose Bauermeister, Director of SexLab. The presentation... Continue Reading →

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