MFierce Coalition Presents on Youth Engagement at APHA

On October 30th, 2016, Jimena Loveluck, MSW, represented Michigan Forward for Enhancing Research and Community Equity (MFierce) at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Loveluck is the Vice President of Community Research and Innovation at Unified HIV Health and Beyond and is a Steering Committee Member of the MFierce Coalition. MFierce... Continue Reading →


Developing a Health App

Health and medical apps have experienced a boom in popularity within the last few years. According to a recent study, the proportion of adults in the U.S. who use health and fitness apps on their smartphones has risen 16% from 2013-2015. Last year, an article in Forbes predicted smartphone users would “trust health apps more... Continue Reading →


Daniela. As I’ve started to participate in sexual health research, I’ve come to learn about aspects of human sexuality that lend themselves to new and exciting possibilities for the prevention of HIV/STIs. Currently, I am working with a group of scientists that are part of the Microbicides Trial Network.  Microbicides are compounds that can be... Continue Reading →

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