Seem Familiar? Behind the Scenes of the iCON Video

Peter Ceglarek I have been fortunate enough to work on the iCON project since its inception. Not only will iCON do a world of good, but I have had the chance to work with a world of different subprojects. And I’ve loved it. So when I was asked to make a promotional video for iCON,... Continue Reading →


Being thoughtful with our language choices

Emily Public health research utilizes a number of terms that may be confusing to those who aren’t familiar with the literature. These words can also be used as short-hand and, as a result, conflate or obscure the meaning originally intended by use of the term. In this post, I will talk about two terms that... Continue Reading →

April Speaker Series: Sexual Minority Populations

Laura JC April brings the conclusion of our speaker series, Sexuality & Health Disparities: A Focus on Sexual Minority Populations. We have three great speakers planned for this month: Friday, April 5th at 1pm: Dr. Susan Cochran, Professor of Statistics and Epidemiology at the Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA: A population health perspective on sexual... Continue Reading →

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