Road Less Traveled: Drawing connections between HIV & IPV

Peter In late September, I presented with Connect-to-Protect (C2P)—a coalition aimed at creating structural change to reduce vulnerability to HIV among sexual minority men and trans women—at a training aimed at teaching people from HIV and domestic violence service organizations about the intersections between HIV and intimate partner violence (IPV—a more current and broad term... Continue Reading →


Giving positive, affirming messages to the voiceless: Reaching out to those in the closet

Michael "So, before you echo ‘amen’ in your home and place of worship, think. Think and remember, a child is listening." - Mary Griffith, Prayers for Bobby The construction of “the closet” to hide our minority sexuality is simultaneously protective and oppressive. Concealing a queer identity can be emotionally and, in some cases, physically protective... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk about Sex… and Relationships

Michelle How do you make a conversation about sex and consent comfortable or, god-forbid, fun? This question challenged members of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC), University Health Service’s sexual education group Sexperteam, and University Housing. The three organizations came together to create a new workshop aimed at tackling issues of sex and... Continue Reading →

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