Road Less Traveled: Drawing connections between HIV & IPV

Peter In late September, I presented with Connect-to-Protect (C2P)—a coalition aimed at creating structural change to reduce vulnerability to HIV among sexual minority men and trans women—at a training aimed at teaching people from HIV and domestic violence service organizations about the intersections between HIV and intimate partner violence (IPV—a more current and broad term... Continue Reading →


Seven hours is not going to cut it: sexual identity education in psych residencies

Peter Young and idealistic, I took on an internship in a psychiatric hospital expecting the world of mental health to be the most sensitive, open-minded, and forward-thinking branch of medicine. I was rudely awakened when the doctor I worked for told me of a resident who greatly deviated from my ideal. The young resident was... Continue Reading →

Hegemonic Masculinity & Well-being of Sexual Minority Men

Laura At this year’s American Public Health Association conference, I presented our findings on Hegemonic Masculinity and the Psychological Well-being of Young Sexual Minority Men. We know that primary caregivers play a foundational role in shaping a child’s gender identity. Caregivers rarely sit idly by if or when their children, especially sons, exhibit gender non-conforming... Continue Reading →

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