Behind the Scenes: Research Translation

Triana So what do we mean when we say ‘research translation’? In its most simple form, research translation is a systematic approach to convert research findings into practical applications to improve health and wellbeing. Beyond this, the definitions vary widely in interpretation. In the medical field, it is sometimes called “bench to bedside”, meaning the... Continue Reading →


Sexuality-based workplace discrimination impacts health

Alanna At the American Public Health Association’s annual conference, Jose Bauermeister, Director of SexLab, presented “Sexuality-based discrimination and sexual minority young men’s health in the Detroit Metro Area.” This presentation used data from the United for HIV Integration and Policy (UHIP) Study, and looked at varying levels of sexuality related discrimination experienced by participants.  The... Continue Reading →

Using community-academic partnerships to assess HIV risk factors

Alanna “Building Research Capacity in AIDS Service Organizations to Enhance HIV Prevention Efforts for Young MSM,” was presented at the American Public Health Association’s annual conference in 2013, by SexLab’s Emily Pingel and Jimena Loveluck, CEO of the HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC), one of SexLab's community partners. The project used a community-based participatory research (CBPR)... Continue Reading →

Patient-Provider Relationships Among Young Sexual Minority Men in the Detroit Metro Area

Alyssa G. This presentation explores the research findings from the United for HIV Integration and Policy (UHIP) study, specifically honing in on relevant data regarding patient-provider interactions among young sexual minority men in the Detroit Metro Area. While discussing specific points of analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, this presentation also poses questions regarding how the... Continue Reading →

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